China Culture Challenge

This fun and informative game leads you across what you need to know about performing well in China. Find out whether you and your team have the experience and wit to navigate this turbulent market adequately. Your knowledge and understanding of China will be quizzed and your experience put to test during an exciting and challenging game. It takes up to 4 hours and is played live.



This business game is suited for students, trainees, professionals and experienced enterpreneurs who interact with the Chinese market. It is suitable for 6 to 25 participants. The game can also be tailored to your business and organised in-company.



The game helps you to understand the Chinese business culture. The goal is to discover your strengths and weaknesses. We offer you information about historical background and interesting facts so that you can:

  • lay the ground work for dealing with misunderstandings and misconceptions.
  • get grips with the where, why and how on improving your business approach in China.
  • become a smart and confident business player, negotiator and/or colleague.
  • apply your understanding of the present-day Chinese social, economic and political landscape in your business environment.
  • enhance your leadership performance by learning from critical incidents and best practices.


The China Culture Challenge takes up to 4 hours and is played live, with 2 trainers, in teams. 


The game consits of 3 rounds, getting more complex on the go. In each round the trainers provide you with relevant key knowledge by means of presentations and videos. Your team capabilities are then put to the test in quizzes, scans, business challenges and pitches. 


Correct steps and smart decision-making will be rewarded with game money. You can buy building blocks with it to build your own skyscraper. The higher the building, the more successful the team is. But save some money too because the game can have some surprising turnarounds, just like in China-business ...


The China Culture Challenge:

  • takes up to 4 hours and is played live in teams.
  • is suitable from 6 to 25 participants.
  • is suited for students, trainees, professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who do business in China.
  • can also be tailored to your business.