Dutch Culture Challenge

The Netherlands is a small, stable and prosperous country. Throughout its history, the Dutch know how to be resourceful and find creative and technological solutions. Sharing of knowledge and collaboration are proven pillars of its economic success formula. The Dutch believe in open borders and free trade. Still, working with Dutch people may be less simple than you might think. Time to upgrade your business skills and communication styles: play the Dutch Culture Challenge. It takes up to 4 hours and is played live.



This business game is suited for students, trainees, professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who interact with Dutch people. It is suitable from 6 to 25 participants.
The game can also be tailored to your business and organised in-company.



The Dutch Culture Challenge provides a fast learning track to give foreign professionals understanding of the modus operandi prevalent in Dutch business and social life. It offers:

  • immediate insight into how Dutch society and business practices are linked;
  • experience and understanding of the Dutch 'polder' model and the effects on decisionmaking;
  • practical advice for building social and professional networks.

Success is guaranteed, because your reward is a fresh set of business and communication skills, much-needed when working with the Dutch.



The challenge is played live, in teams with fellow business professionals, supported by two trainers. We provide three rounds of play; each round consists of a mini-lecture that is relevant to carry out assignments. The exchange of knowledge and mutual experience is part of the fast learning track this training offers. It contributes to your individual 'knowledge file'.


At the start of the game, teams are dealt money, bonus cards and risk & opportunity cards. Each round holds different elements of surprise. Teams' capabilities are put to test in quizzes, scans, business challenges and pitches: all relevant to living and working in today's Holland.


You must come up with solutions to real and typical business cases. Different assignments will challenge your skills in getting things done in the Netherlands. And, you will gain updates into the country's current economic, social and political circumstances.


The best team wins; no one can achieve this alone! Challenges that must be solved are rewarded in game money, that can be invested in building a business. Teams that smartly pull together their resources will be rewarded financially. This game money can be used to buy building blocks to grow your business. The higher the building, the more successful the team is. The team that builds the highest office tower wins.

The Dutch Culture challenge:

  • takes up to 4 hours and is played live in teams.
  • is suitable from 6 to 25 participants.
  • is suited for students, trainees, professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who interact with Dutch people.
  • can also be tailored to your business.