Our approach

The course at level 2 is aimed at learners who have a basic understanding of the Dutch language or learners who have followed the level 1 course. 


The course presents an excellent opportunity to acquire and improve Dutch language skills. Every session you will learn a new grammatical item which is immediately used during the conversation practice. You will improve your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Result: level A2/B1.


What can you expect?

Before the start of the course, the trainer will contact you to assess your level of Dutch and to discuss personal learning objectives. In this way, we make sure each of you receive the attention you need.


The groups are small; the maximum group size is 10 participants. This guarantees enough time for interaction and personal feedback during the lessons.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Work, study and leisure
  • Travelling
  • Discussing emotions, relationships and friendship
  • Education, culture, literature
  • Immigrants in the Netherlands
  • Economy, advertising, budget cuts and discussing money
  • Speaking and conversation skills
  • Grammar
This training Incompany
Incompany taaltrainingen
This training individual
Individuele taaltrainingen