Flexible, private training

A one-to-one course is always personalised to your needs and objectives. Would you like to practise speaking? Or do you want to learn more grammar? Are you struggling with industry-specific language or technical vocabulary? We will develop a private course programme based on your specific needs, at times to fit your schedule.


What to expect in this private Dutch language course

Before the course starts, the trainer will contact you to discuss your personal learning objectives and assess your level. It’s the input for the course programme. We’ll arrange 90-minute lessons for you once per week, but more often if that suits you better. One-to-one courses usually take place online.

You determine the course pace and course content. A qualified and experienced trainer will help you achieve your goals and ensure that your learning is enjoyable as well as educational. Here are some examples of what we could work on in a private Dutch language course.


Beginners level

  • Have short conversations and express your opinion
  • Understand basic conversations and the Dutch news
  • Read specific texts such as advertisements, menus and social media posts
  • Write short messages

Intermediate level

  • Have longer conversations and express opinions with more nuance
  • Understand detailed instructions, technical information and tv programmes
  • Read factual and basic argumentative texts like newspaper articles and websites
  • Write emails and updates

Advanced level

At an advanced level we can customise the course even more to your personal needs, for example

  • A focus on business language and terminology specific to the industry/sector in which you work
  • Development of specific skills relevant to participating in meetings, giving presentations and report writing
  • Attention to pronunciation and delivery of spoken language to ensure clarity and fluency of speech
  • Development of grammatical accuracy to improve confidence in all areas of language use.
  • Address any language issues experienced during the working week

Course fee

The intake interview and learning materials of this private Dutch course are included in the course fee. Learning materials are mostly available in our online learning portal. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


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