Speak, write and read Dutch in no time


Our online platform offers tutorials, exercises and flash cards to help you develop your Dutch language skills quickly. Live lessons with a personal tutor guarantee that you actually practise the words and phrases that you learned. The feedback and personal tips that you receive, help you to learn quickly and focus on the Dutch language that you need every day.



The course starts with an intake conversation to help you get started at the right level.

For beginners, the goal is for you to feel confident and able to survive short conversations with colleagues, in shops and restaurants and to have a basic understanding of intentions and opinions expressed in Dutch. This is approximately level A1. Obviously, we’ll also make sure that you are able to express yourself in a friendly manner with most of the important grammar issues correctly used.


You’ll reach this level after just one course with us! We recommend that you reserve 3 to 4 hours of study time per week. To make this easier for you, we included tutorials that you can listen to while working out or doing the dishes. If you prefer to read the grammar explanations, no worries; we cater for you too. There’s no excuse for not studying!


You’ll easily go through 5 chapters and at the end of each chapter you can schedule a live 1-on-1 lesson with your trainer. During the 1 hour lesson, you’ll practise everything you learned in the chapter and receive feedback on your use of the Dutch language. Lessons can be scheduled between 9 am and 9 pm on workdays (Monday to Friday).


Did you do all the work and did you profit from 5 private lessons? Then you’ll receive the course certificate. But much more important: you’ll feel more confident speaking Dutch.



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